The IQAC in the college was constituted in the year 9th July 2012. It plays an important role in the improvement of teaching- learning process and overall quality related aspects of the college. Following is the composition of the present IQAC:

1) ChairmanDr. Subrata Sharma, Principal-in-charge

2) Administrative Officers: DDO, Librarian, Head Clerk

3) Coordinator: Dr. Anil Kumar Acharya, Astt. Prof., Dept. of Sanskrit

4) Member Teachers:


    a.Dr. Manish Nandi,Asst. Prof. , Dept . of Mathematics

    b.Mr. Chandan Debnath , Asst. Prof. , Dept of Physics

    c. Ms. L. Sailo, Astt. Prof. , Dept. of History

    d. Mr. Lalthlamuana Darlong, Astt. Prof., Dept. of Economics

    e. Dr. Zakir Hussain ,Asst. Prof. ,Dept . of Education

    f. Ms. Jecinta Z. Darlong, Astt. Prof., Dept. of English

5) Nominee from Local society: Mr. Sudhangsu Das ,Honourable MLA, Fatikroy

                                                   Mr. Dingliana Darlong,Retd I.A.S ( Ex DM & Collector,Unakoti District)

6) Nominee from Students: Vice President & General Secretary of Student Union Council

7) Nominee from Alumni:  President, Alumni Association , Ambedkar College



  • Quality enhancement and facilitate internalization of the quality culture.
  • To the enhancement and integration among the various activities of the institution and
  • Institutionalize many good practices.
  • To provide a sound basis for decision making to improve institutional functioning.
  • To act as a change agent in the institution.
  • To better internal communication.
  • Equitable access to and affordability of academic  programmes for various sections of society
  • Optimization and integration of modern methods of teaching and learning
  • Ensuring  the  adequacy,  maintenance  and  functioning  of  the  support  structure  and services
  • Research sharing and networking with other institutions in India and abroad.



          Some of the functions of the IQAC are:

  • Development and application of quality benchmarks/parameters for various academic and administrative activities of an institution
  • Dissemination of information on various quality parameters of higher education
  • Development of Quality Culture in the institution.
  • Arrangement for feedback response from students on quality-related institutional processes
  • Organization of inter and intra institutional workshops, seminars on quality related themes and promotion of quality circles.
  • Documentation of the information on various programmes/activities  related to the enhancement of quality of higher education
  • Acting as a nodal agency of the institution for coordinating teachers, students, parents and other stakeholders on quality-related activities of the institution.
  • Preparation of the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) to be submitted to NAAC based on the quality parameters.

Activities & Reports

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                  25.Report_ FDP on LMS_2018_19


                  23.Alumni Feedback Analysis 2018_19


21.  Report_Seminar on IPR_07_05_2019

FEEDBACK 3: Teacher Feedback Analysis_2018_19

20.  SENSITIZATION PRO_IQAC_ SS Survey_March_2019

19.  Proceedings_meeting_7_IQAC_2018_19


17.  REPORT_Awareness_pro_SC_ST_Act_2019

16.  Proceedings_meeting_6_IQAC_2018_19

15.  Proceedings_meeting_5_IQAC_2018_19

14.  Proceedings_meeting_4_IQAC_2018_19

13.  Proceedings_meeting_3_IQAC_2018_19

12.  Proceedings_meeting_2_IQAC_2018_19

11.  Proceedings_meeting_1_IQAC_2018_19 

                   FEEDBACK 2: Students Feedback Analysis_2017_18 

10.  Proceedings_meeting_5_IQAC_2017_18

 9.   Proceedings_meeting_4_IQAC_2017_18

 8.   Proceedings_meeting-3_IQAC_2017_18

 7.   Proceedings_meeting_2_IQAC_2017_18

 6.   Proceedings_meeting_1_IQAC_2017_18

 FEEDBACK 1: Students Feedback Analysis_2016_17

 5.   Reconstitute_IQAC_2_2017


4.    Report-IQAC_seminar_2016


3   Reconstitute_IQAC_1_2015

                   2.    Report_IQAC_Seminar_2015

1.    Formation_IQAC_2012